Free Cement Mixer Plans


Mix cement or plaster in 5 gal pails with this inexpensive easy to build mixer.


Cement Mixer


Hello my name is Fran. For many years now,( going back the 1980′s) casting concrete has been my passion. It’s been my hobby and at one time a thriving business.

I am creating this site to share my knowledge tips tricks and creations with anyone of like mind.

Free cement mixer plans

One of my tools is a simple reliable cement mixer I dreamed up one day to mix cement hands off in 5 gallon pails. You can go to that page anytime and see the detailed step by step instructions by clicking on cement mixer .

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Turn a half inch drill into a cement mixer.


How I got up to my neck in cement.

I started with a birdbath mold. I went to two different department stores and bought two different plastic birdbaths. I figured out a way to combine them into one cement mold and it worked!

Next I made a bench mold out of wood. I sealed it with polyurethane drilled holes so I could bolt and unbolt it. One bench top and one leg mold.

After a couple of weeks I had a nice little collection of benches and bird baths. I took them to a friend who owned a country store and placed them out front. I priced them half the price of a retail one at the local garden shop which still left me with a 400% mark up! cement is cheap.

She told me told me to check back in a month. But a few days later she called me up and said” Where have you been. Everything is sold. I need more right away!”.

That how it has been ever since. Ornamental concrete never goes out of style. You can make it a business, make a bunch for your next tag sale and smile as you sell out, or do it for fun making gifts for family and friends.

The good old days.

The good old days.

I’m doing this for you.

Their wasn’t anyone to help me when I started. No internet to consult. Magazines and mail order catalogs helped a lot. But what you really need is someone to tell you how its done. Show by example. This is what I intend to do.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope this helps you.  Fran

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