Cement Mixer Plans


Here are your free plans to turn a half inch variable speed drill into a cement mixer.


Cement Mixer Plans


Parts List

1.   2×4 at 60”
2.   2×4 at 32”
3.   2×4 at 36”
4.   2×4 at 26” notched and drilled
5.   2×4 at 20” extensions rounded and drilled.
6.   2×4 at 8 ½”
h1. 2×4 at 15 ½” beveled.
H2. 2×4 at 12” beveled.
P1.  8” right triangle gussets.
P2.  8 ½” x 48” plywood back piece post.
P3.  plywood back piece hopper.
P4a 15 ½”x11” plywood hopper bottom back piece.
P4b 15 ½”x12” plywood hopper base front piece.
P512” x 14” plywood bottom hopper sides.
P6. 14” diameter hopper base with 5”x10 ½” cut out. Plywood.
P7. 11 ½” x12” base plywood.
P8. 11 ½”x12” plywood extension brace with 7” notch for cable.
P9. 3”x4” plywood with half round removed from one end.

Figure on 5  2x4s  and a half a sheet of plywood.
Hardware: You will need a handful of 1 5/8” screws. Some 12d common nails. 4 ¼”x 3 ½” bolts with washers and lock nuts. 2 1”x ¼” bolts and nuts. One 3” angle bracket or 6” metal strap. Construction adhesive like Liquid Nails
is optional but a good idea. A ½ variable speed drill. And most importantly, a Dry wall Mixing propeller, or a cement-mixing propeller if you can find one.

Tools: Basic hand tools. A screw gun is handy but not required. 3/8” drill bit. Hammer and screw driver. A caulking gun for the adhesive. A couple of wrenches. A saw to cut the wood.

Step 1: The stand.  OK Lets get started.  First cut two 2×4 at 60″ from two different 8′ studs. Drill as shown (fig1)

Set the remaining 36″ pieces aside. Now from a different 2×4 cut two at 32″. Next cut out the two 8′ right triangle gussets (p1) out of the half-inch plywood. If you are using construction adhesive apply a dab to each p1 and nail to the flat side of each 32″ piece flush to the bottom and square to one side. (Fig2)

sure that laying side by side they appose one another so that when attached to the center post the gussets will be on the inside. (Fig5)

Now cut P2 out of the plywood and glue/nail to the 57″ 2×4′s. (Fig3) Be sure that the 8 1/2″ x 48″ plywood is flush to the bottom and that the 2×4’s are on edge, not flat. Cut an 8 1/2″ long piece of 2×4 and nail it to the top. (Fig4)

  Raise the center post and attach the feet gusset side in (fig5) and flush with the back of the post. Center and nail the remaining 36″ 2×4′s to the base as shown. (Fig6)

Cut out P7 from the plywood and nail to the base. This is where your 5-Gallon plastic pail will sit under the mixer. (Fig7)


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