Cement Mixer Plans page 3


Cement Mixer Plans Step 3

Step 3: Attach the hopper. Place an empty 5-Gallon plastic pail
on the stand like so. (Fig18) Put the hopper in position on the pail. Cut out the four 2×4 extensions. Round the ends and drill the holes as shown. (Fig19) In a pinch you can place a small coffee can on the 2×4 and trace the round ends. Bolt the four extensions in place. (Fig20)

With the hopper still on the pail and secure, put the dry wall mixer blade in the drill chuck and tighten. (Fig21) Remove the handles from the drill. Place a small piece (like 2″ to 4″ square as a temporary spacer), of scrap plywood in the pail on the bottom. Now put the drill in the pail and rest the blade on the spacer. (Fig22)¬† We don’t want the blade to touch the bottom when finished. (Fig23)

With the drill straight up and down and centered. carefully rotate the drill sideways and mark where the drill handle bolt mount meets the back piece center line. (Fig24) Drill the hole with a bit that is slightly larger then the handle bolt for your drill. (Fig25) Now put the mixer drill and blade back in place and bolt to the back piece using the drill handle bolt. (Fig26) If the bolt is to long. Use washers or a small piece of plywood with a hole in it for a spacer.

Next place a metal angle or bend a metal strap into an angle and put it on top of the drill top handle hole. Mark this hole, drill it out to the size of the handle bolt, (all drills are different) and bolt it on. (Fig27) Drill two holes in the back of the angle strap where it meets the hopper back piece and bolt with the two 1/4″ by 1″ bolts.

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