Cement mixer plans page 2


Step 2: The hopper. Start by cutting 2 2×4 at 26″. Notch1 1/ 2″ x 12″ out of one end of each.(fig8)

Drill two 3/8” holes in each as shown.   Cut out the back piece P3 from plywood. The big rounded top is for looks and not needed. The small 3″x1/2″ notch at the base is important. (Fig9)  Glue and screw P3 to the 26″ 2×4′s flush with the top of the 12″ notch as shown. (Fig 10)

  Next cut out the 2 P4′s. (Fig11)  The easy way to cut H1 and H2 out of 2×4 is to lay a 2×4 on the ground. Place P4a on top and mark the 2×4. (Fig12)  Remove P4a and cut the 2×4 on those marks. Put this back under P4a and attach with screws. (Fig12a)  Next put a 2×4 under the bottom of P4a. Again mark, cut and fasten. (Fig13) Repeat this process for P4b. (Fig13a)

Great. Screw P4a to the back piece as shown. (Fig14)  Cut out the two P5′s from plywood (fig15) and screw to P4a as shown. Next screw P4b in place. (Fig16)  Flip the hopper assembly upside down. Cut out P6 and attach to the bottom of the hopper.(fig17)


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