Cement Mixer Plans Page 4


Cement Mixer Plans Page 4

Step 4: Cable and counter weight. We are almost finished. Loop one end of the 6′ cable around and clamp with two cable clamps. Drill a hole in the back bottom round disk of the hopper with a 3/8″ bit. Bolt the cable on as shown. (Fig28)
If for some reason you are using a cord like heavy clothesline instead of cable, just drill the hole and tie it off.

Drill a 3/8” hole in the top of the center post and bolt the 1/4″ eyebolt in place. Hook the pulley to the eyebolt. (Fig29) (Fig30)  Thread the cable through the pulley and down the backside. (Fig31) Come up from the ground about 30″ and loop and clamp the cable.

First we will make a temporary weight from empty 1 gal milk jugs. Later I will show you a more permanent weight. Tie an empty milk bottle to the cable and slowly fill it with water. When the hopper and drill start to lift off the top of the pail, stop and cap it. It will probably take more then one jug of water. Since every one is using different materials there is no set weight to use.

There are two more pieces to attach before we can test the mixer. Cut out P8 and screw to the top extensions like so. (Fig33)  Make sure it doesn’t interfere with the cable or the hopper movement. (Fig33a) Cut out P9 and place it in the back piece notch as shown. (Fig34) The half circle cutout faces forward around the blade shaft with out touching it. Screw it off in back. (Fig34a) I found this little piece to be very important so don’t over look it.


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